Our Story

Seed & Roe grows delicious produce and fish in aquaponic ecosystems. We are inspired by nature and believe that by harnessing nature’s complexity, we can share its abundance.

The Protein

We grow fish free of antibiotics, hormones, and mercury. Instead of becoming runoff, the extraordinary manure from the fish fuels the rest of our process.

The Microbiome

Healthy waters, soils, plants, and animals all have microscopic tenants. A teaspoon of healthy soil can have a billion microbial cells. Our microbiome breaks down the fish’s manure to make it available for plants and creates a natural immune system for both.

The Produce

Our plants absorb all those nutrients, filtering the water as they grow and reducing water use by 95%. Thanks to our microbiome immune system, we don’t need synthetic chemicals or pesticides.

If you can’t imagine it, just picture if Willy Wonka directed Planet Earth.

Brooklyn today,
tomorrow the world.

Growing locally is key to freshness. By growing indoors, we can grow wherever there’s a plate to fill. Today, you can find us in select NYC Whole Foods Market and Foodtown stores.