Enterprise Application Software Engineer

Enterprise Application Software Engineer

Brooklyn, NY


Our Software & Electronics team (“S&E”) develops tools to monitor, analyze, improve, and automate farm and business operations. We are looking for an experienced software developer who thrives working on blank page, highly interdisciplinary projects. Owning your own mad scientist lab coat is a plus. But more importantly we are looking for someone eager to develop strong bonds with diverse teams and users to direct development and identify software-enabled opportunities.

Presently, S&E engineers switch among design, development, and operations work. With our growing team, we are seeking to reduce context switching and streamline development. You will help facilitate this transition by being the first S&E engineer wholly dedicated to application development.

By improving the overall quality and predictability of software delivered to multiple internal customers across domains and disciplines, you will play a critical role in Edenworks fulfilling its mission of growing affordable, nutritious, delicious, fresh food, wherever it’s needed.

Seed & Roe actively encourages applicants with widely diverse and non-traditional backgrounds to apply.



  • Lead application software development projects implemented by yourself or small teams
  • Perform user discovery, workflow design, and UI/UX development
  • Work with the S&E team and various farming, operations, and R&D teams to direct and implement Edenworks’ development, testing, and deployment processes and tools
  • Proactively form relationships across the company and contribute to a culture of collaboration
  • Develop custom application software:
    • Web apps
    • UNIX / network applications
    • Edenworks’ custom data collection and actuation farming system
    • Cloud-hosted applications
    • Middleware to connect diverse and disparate systems
    • Automation and controls
    • Alarms and logging systems
    • Integrations with third-party services (e.g. Slack, PagerDuty)
    • Support tools for our farms’ environmental sensing systems’ development and maintenance
  • Customize and extend deployed third-party enterprise tools
  • Implement and integrate application and data security mechanisms
  • Support future advanced projects to model plant (i.e. green leafy things) systems and incorporate machine learning in analysis and automation
  • Evaluate toolchains, development environments, and third-party services
  • Support I.T. and Sensing Operations until a full-time S&E Operations hire is brought onboard


Base Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s Degree — preferably Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Information Systems, or related
  • Excellent communication skills, flexibility, and empathy
  • Project management experience
  • Project lead developer experience
  • Customer support / customer-driven product development experience


Preferred Skills + Experience

  • UX design, Human-centered design, or related
  • Data analytics
  • ISO 356X process experience
  • Development and support work in manufacturing environments
  • Development and support work in agricultural settings